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CData Tableau Connector for Workday ビュー

Name Description
CanadianRecordofEmploymentData ROE Data
CanadianRecordofEmploymentData_Other_Monies_Data Other Monies
CanadianRecordofEmploymentData_ROE_Insurable_Earnings_By_Period_Data Insurable Earnings by Period
CanadianRecordofEmploymentData_Special_Payment_Data Special Payment Information
CanadianRecordofEmploymentData_Statutory_Holiday_Data Canadian Record of Employment Data
CanadianRecordofEmploymentData_Vacation_Pay_Data Vacation Pay Data - b17a
EmployerPaidExpenseCostingDefaultsCriterias Contains the Data of the Employer Paid Expense Defaults Criteria instance that is being retrieved.
PaycheckDeliveries An individual workers Paycheck Delivery Method
PayrollDeductionRecipients When a Deduction Recipient already exists and is being updated through the Web Service will we be interpreting the absence of business entity and settlement account elements as persisting the existing data. In the event that Business Entity or settlement account Data is being updated through the web service, we will replace the existing data with the new data being added in the Web Service.
PayrollFederalW4TaxElections Element to hold all information about a Payroll Payee W-4
PayrollForwardAccrualOptions Data associated with the Payroll Forward Accrual Options instance.
PayrollInvoluntaryWithholdingOrders Payroll Involuntary Withholding Order Data
PayrollLimitOverrides Element to hold all information about Payroll Limit Override.
PayrollLimitOverrides_Limit_Interface_Data Limit Interface the Payroll Limit Override is for.
PayrollPayeeFICAs Payroll Payee FICA Medicare and OASDI Data
PayrollPayeeFUTAs Element to hold all information about a Payroll Payee FUTA
PayrollPayeeOngoingWorkJurisdictionTaxElection Element to hold Payroll Payee Ongoing Jurisdiction Response Data content
PayrollPayeeOngoingWorkJurisdictionTaxElection_Payroll_Payee_Ongoing_Jurisdiction_Split Element to hold Payroll Payee Ongoing Jurisdiction Splits Tax Election Data content
PayrollPayeePT1s The Data Related to Payroll Payee PT1 Tax Election
PayrollPayeeRPPorDPSPRegistrationNumbers Payroll Payee RPP or DPSP Registration Number Data
PayrollPayeeTaxLocationMappings Element to hold Payroll Payee Tax Location Mapping Response Data content
PayrollPayeeTD1s Payroll Payee TD1 Data
PayrollPrePrintedPayslips Wrapper Element containing details about the Pre-Printed Payslip
PayrollReportingCodesforWorkers Contains Position and associated Payroll Reporting Codes for that Position as of Effective Date. If Company was passed into the web service request, then only Positions within that Company are returned for the Worker.
PayrollResults Payroll Result
PayrollResults_Name_Data Encapsulating element for all of the name data such as first and last name
PayrollResults_National_ID_Data National ID Data
PayrollResults_Payroll_Result_Data Payroll Result Data
PayrollResults_Pay_Accumulation_Data Pay Accumulation Data
PayrollUSAStateandLocalTaxElections Payroll State and Local Tax Election Response Data
PayrollUSAStateandLocalTaxElections_Payroll_State_Authority_Data State Tax Election Data
PayrollWorkerTaxTreaties Worker Tax Treaty Data
PeriodSchedules Period Schedule
PeriodSchedules_Period_Data Period Content Data
ROEHistoryData ROE History Data element containing attributes needed
RunPayCalculation Pay Calculation
RunPayCalculation_Calculation_Options Statuses for Payroll Run
RunPayCalculation_Payroll_Run_Detail_Pay_Calc_Status Contains Pay Groups being calculated as part of running a payroll calculation
RunPayCalculation_Run_Pay_Calculation_Message - Background Process
RunPayCalculation_Run_Pay_Calculation_Step_Details Step Details
RunPayCalculation_Run_Pay_Calculation_Technical_Details Run Pay Calculation Technical Details
SingleLegalEntities Single Legal Entity
SuccessorEmployers Successor Employer
TaxDocumentDeliveries Tax document delivery data
TaxLevyDeductionRestrictions Tax Levy Deduction Restriction Response Data
W2W2CPrintingElection Element to hold all information about a W-2/W-2C Print Election
WorkerCostingAllocations Primary (Worker or Position Restrictions) and Secondary (Position and Earning) keys identifying the level of the costing allocation data.
WorkerCostingAllocations_Worker_Costing_Allocation_Interval_Data Costing Allocation Data effective over a specified date range.

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Build 20.0.7740