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CData Tableau Connector for Workday ビュー

Name Description
Batches Encapsulating element containing all Batch data.
Batches_Batch_Pay_Component_Totals_Data Information on the summary of all Payroll Inputs associated with a Pay Component
Batches_Batch_Totals_Data Information on the summary of all Payroll Inputs associated with a Currency
EmployerPaidExpenseCostingDefaultsCriterias Contains the Data of the Employer Paid Expense Defaults Criteria instance that is being retrieved.
ExternalPayGroups Encapsulating element representing an External Pay Group and its associated data.
ExternalPayGroups_Benefit_Plan_Data Encapsulating element representing a benefit plan year and its associated data.
ExternalPayGroups_External_Pay_Component External Pay Component
ExternalPayGroups_External_Pay_Group_Data External Pay Group Data
ExternalPayGroups_Last_Extract_Created_Data Last Payroll Interface Extract Created
ExternalPayGroups_Period_Content_Data Period Content Data
ExternalPayrollInputs Encapsulating element containing all External Payroll Input data.
Payees Encapsulating element containing all Payee data.
Payees_Additional_Name_Data Contains the additional names for a person, other than their legal and preferred names. Additional names are not valid for applicants.
Payees_Address_Data Address information
Payees_Disability_Status_Data Security Note: This element is secured according to the security policy for the Worker Data: Disabilities domain.
Payees_Education Wrapper element for Education information.
Payees_Email_Address_Data Email Address Information
Payees_Employee_Contract_Data Contains data for a Pre-Hire Contract.
Payees_Extended_Employee_Contract_Data Contains extended data for an employee contract.
Payees_Instant_Messenger_Data Instant Messenger Information
Payees_Job_History Wrapper element for Job History information.
Payees_Leave_Requests_Corrected_Data Encapsulating element containing leave requests that have been corrected.
Payees_Leave_Status_Data Encapsulating element containg all Leave Status data.
Payees_Military_Service_Data Security Note: This element is secured according to the security policy for the
Payees_Payee_Costing_Allocation_Data Contains the costing allocation data for the employee
Payees_Payee_Earnings_and_Deductions_Summary_Data Computed Earnings and Deductions Data for the Payee. It also contains the Time Off and One Time Payment information for the Payee .
Payees_Payee_Job_Data Wrapper element for the job specific Payee data
Payees_Payee_Payment_Election_Data Container element for Payment Election Enrollments
Payees_Payee_Pay_Group_Earnings_and_Deductions_Data Encapsulating element containing all Earnings and Deductions by Pay Group.
Payees_Payee_Tax_Withholding_Data Payee Tax Withholding Data
Payees_Payee_Transaction_Log_Corrected_And_Rescinded_Data Encapsulating element containing transaction log entries that have been rescinded or corrected.
Payees_Payee_Transaction_Log_Entry_Data Encapsulating element containing all transaction log entries.
Payees_Phone_Data Phone Information
Payees_Related_Person Contains the dependent, beneficiary, and emergency contact information for the related person.
Payees_Relative_Name_Data contains relative names for a relative of a person
Payees_Secondary_Termination_Reasons_Data Secondary Termination Reasons Data
Payees_Web_Address_Data Web Address Information
Payees_Work_Experience Wrapper element for the work experience.
PayrollForwardAccrualOptions Data associated with the Payroll Forward Accrual Options instance.
PeriodSchedules Period Schedule
PeriodSchedules_Period_Data Period Content Data
WorkerCostingAllocations Primary (Worker or Position Restrictions) and Secondary (Position and Earning) keys identifying the level of the costing allocation data.
WorkerCostingAllocations_Worker_Costing_Allocation_Interval_Data Costing Allocation Data effective over a specified date range.
WorkerEffectiveChangeIntegrationSystems Worker Effective Change Integration Systems

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