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Name Description
1042SIncomeCodes 1042-S Income Code Data
1099Data 1099 Electronic Filing Run
1099Data_Address_Data Encapsulating element for all Address data.
1099Data_Custom_ID_Data Encapsulating element for all Custom Identifier data.
1099Data_Government_ID_Data Encapsulating element for all Government Identifier data.
1099Data_Instant_Messenger_Data Encapsulating element for all Instant Messenger data.
1099Data_Internet_Email_Address_Data Encapsulating element for all Internet Email Addresses.
1099Data_IRS_1099_Run_Data IRS 1099 Run Data. This contains 1099 Misc information by Company.
1099Data_License_ID_Data Encapsulating element for all License Identifier data.
1099Data_Military_Service_Data Encapsulating element for Military Service Data.
1099Data_Name_Data Encapsulating element for all of the Name data for a person.
1099Data_Passport_ID_Data Encapsulating element for all Passport Identifier data.
1099Data_Phone_Number_Data Encapsulating element for all Phone Number data.
1099Data_Transmitter_Company_Data Transmitter Company Data
1099Data_Visa_ID_Data Encapsulating element for all Visa Identifier data.
1099Data_Web_Address_Data Encapsulating element for all Web Address data.
1099MISCAdjustments Element contraining all 1099 MISC Adjustment Data
1099Miscs Element containing all 1099 Misc Data
AccountCertificationSets Account Certification Set data.
AccountingSourceConditionRules Accounting Source Condition Rule.
AccountingSourceConditionRules_Condition_Rule_Data Wrapper containing data for Condition Rule.
AccountingSourceProcessConfigurations Encapsulates all data for a single Accounting Source Process Configuration.
AccountingSourceSnapshots The data element containing reference to the Accounting Source for all Accounting Source Snapshots.
AccountPostingRuleSets Account Posting Rule Set Data
AccountSets Account Set Data
AccountSetswithoutDependencies Account Set Data
AllocationDefinitions Contains the detailed information about an Allocation Definition.
AllocationDefinitions_Allocation_Source_Data Encapsulates the Allocation Source Data
AllocationDefinitions_Attachment_Data Encapsulates the attachment data.
AllocationDefinitions_Basis_Filter_Conditions_Data Encapsulates the Allocation Definition Basis Criteria Data
AllocationDefinitions_Offset_Worktag_Mapping_Data Encapsulates Offset Worktag Mapping Data
AllocationDefinitions_Target_Worktag_Mapping_Data Encapsulates Target Worktag Mapping Data
AllocationGroupSets Encapsulating element containing all Allocation Group Set data.
AllocationGroupSets_Allocation_Group_Data Encapsulates the Allocation Group Data
AlternateAccountSetMappings Contains all Alternate Account Set Mapping data
AwardPersonnelResponsibilities Award Personnel Responsibility Title.
BasicCustomers Customer wrapper element that contains the Customer
BasicGifts Wrapper Element that includes Basic Gift instance and data
BasicGifts_Related_Worktags_by_Type_Data Allowed and Default Related Worktags Data by Worktag Type.
BasicGrants Wrapper Element that includes basic Grant Instance and Data
BasicProjects Wrapper Element that includes Project Instance and Data
BasicSalesItems Get Sales Items Response Data
BasicSuppliers Supplier wrapper element that contains the Supplier
BeginningBalanceJournals Beginning Balance Journal Data
BeginningBalanceTranslationAmounts This Element stores criteria to resolve to a beginning balance journal based on Company, Fiscal Year, Ledger Type, and Book Code. Beginning Balance Translation Amounts are entered for a given Currency via the Beginning Balnace Translation Amount Replacement Data subelement.
BudgetFringeRateTables Data for Fringe Rate Table
BudgetStructures Budget Structure Data
BudgetTemplates You must use the spreadsheet key to coordinate the header information throughout the tabs of the spreadsheet. Keep the same spreadsheet key for each row as you add information in the subsequent tabs. The spreadsheet key is also required to coordinate multiple child rows that roll up to the same parent row.
BusinessEntityContacts Business Entity Contact Data
BusinessPlanDetails Business Plan Details Data
BusinessUnitHierarchies Business Unit Hierarchy Data
BusinessUnits Business Unit Data
CompanyOrganizations Company Organization Data
CompanyOwnershipDetails Data relating to Ownership Detail for Company
CompanyOwnershipDetailsFullList Data relating to company ownership details.
CompanyOwnershipDetailsFullList_Company_Ownership_Snapshot_Detail_Full_List_Data A snapshot of company ownership details.
CompanyTaxDetails Company Tax Details
CompanyTaxDetails_Tax_ID_Data Tax ID Data
CompanyTaxDetails_Tax_Status_Data Tax Status Data element to specify 1 or more Tax Statuses for a company.
CompanyTaxDetails_Third_Party_Tax_Service_Data Third Party Tax Service Data
ConsolidationDetailsofCompanyHierarchy This element contains the data for consolidation details of company hierarchy.
CostCenters Element containing all Cost Center data.
CostCenters_Integration_ID_Data Contains external system name and its corresponding ID that can be used to match data between systems during an integration.
CostCenters_Related_Worktags_by_Type_Data Allowed and Default Related Worktags Data by Worktag Type.
CurrencyConversionRates Currency Conversion Rate Data
CurrencyRateTypes Currency Rate Type Data
CustomAccountPostingRuleDimensions Element containing the response data for the Custom Account Posting Rule Dimension
CustomAccountPostingRuleTypes Encapsulates a single Custom Account Posting Rule Type instance and its data.
CustomerCategories Customer Category Data
CustomValidationRules Wrapper for data of the Custom Validation Rule.
CustomValidationRuleswithoutDependencies Wrapper for data of the Custom Validation Rule.
CustomWorktags Custom Worktag Data
DefaultFundingSources Default Funding Source Data
EffortCertificationChangeReasonCodes Contains Effort Certification Change Reason Code Data
EffortCertificationEligibilityRules Effort Certification Eligibility Rule Data
EffortCertificationTypes Effort Certification Type Data
EffortCertifyingTexts Effort Certifying Text Data
EscheatmentItems Information about Escheatment Item
FinanceChargeRules Contains data for each Rule based on the Request References or Request Criteria. The data returned is the current information as of the dates in the response filter and doesn't include historical information.
FinancialConditionRules Contains Condition Rule Data
FundHierarchies Fund Hierarchy Data
FundingSourceConditionRules Funding Source Condition Rule Data
FundingSourceRules Funding Source Rule Response Data
FundingSourceRules_Funding_Source_Priority_Data Funding Source Priority Data
FundingSources Funding Source Response Data
FundingSources_Funding_Source_Taggable_Data Funding Source Taggable Data
Funds Fund Data
FundTypes Fund Type Data
GiftHierarchies Root element that has all of the data about the gift and it's children.
Gifts Gift Data
GrantHierarchies Element contains specific details about the grant hierarchy
Grants Element containing Grant data
HeadcountPlan Element containing Headcount Plan data.
IntegrationWorktagMappings Worktag Mapping Data
IntegrationWorktagMappingSourceSystems Element containing all Mapping Source System Data
IntercompanyProfiles Intercompany Profile.
InterestandLateFeeCalculationOptions Contains data for each Rule based on the Request References or Request Criteria. The data returned is the current information as of the dates in the response filter and doesn't include historical information.
InterestandLateFeeDefaultsAndOverrides Element containing the Interest and Late Fee Defaults and Overrides data.
InterestandLateFeeOutputOptions Element containing Interest and Late Fee Document Generation Option Data.
Investors Contains data for the Investor, including ID, Name, Contact Information, Settlement Bank Account, Alternate Names, and Attachment data.
JournalInsightsFeedback Element that includes a reference to Journal Insights Feedback and its data
JournalInsightsFeedback_Journal_Line_Error_Data Journal Line Error Data
Journals Journal Entry Data
JournalSources Journal Source Data
LeaseContractBookCodeConfigurations Lease Contract Book Code Configuration Reference
LedgerAccountSummary Ledger Account Summaries Response Data-Ledger Account Summaries
LedgerAccountSummary_All_Ledger_Account_Data Ledger Account Summaries-All Ledger Account Data
LedgerAccountSummary_Ledger_Account_Summary_Data Ledger Account Summaries-Ledger Account Summaries Data
LoanInvestorTypes Element containing all Loan Investor Type Data.
LoanReferralTypes Element containing all Loan Investor Data.
Loans Element containing all Loan Data.
Loans_Related_Worktags_by_Type_Data Allowed and Default Related Worktags Data by Worktag Type.
MappedTaxDeclarationsEFilingResult Tax Declaration With Mapped Efiling Data
MappingTableDefinitions Encapsulates a single Mapping Table Definition and its data.
MappingTableDefinitions_Additional_Worktag_Type_Data Element containing data for a single Additional Worktag Type for the Mapping Table Definition.
MappingTableDefinitions_Parameter_Data Element containing data for a single Parameter of the Mapping Table Definition.
MappingTableDefinitions_Primary_Worktag_Type_Data Element containing data for a single Primary Worktag Type for the Mapping Table Definition.
MappingTables Gets the Response Data for the Mapping Table
MappingTables_Rule_Table_Data Element containing the Rule Table Data
ObjectClassSets Object Class Set Data
Organizations Response element containing an instance of Organization and its associated data.
Organizations_Job_Profile_Restriction_Summary_Data Reference(s) (and additional data) to the job profiles that a worker being hired/contracted using this opening can use.
Organizations_Organization_Assignments_Data Contain information for Staffing related Organizations; minimally for Company, Cost Center and Region.
Organizations_Organization_Role_Data Contains information about an Organization Role and incumbent worker(s).
PaymentMessages Payment Message Data
Payments Payment Data
PaymentTerms Contains data for a given Payment Term object
PaymentTerms_Payment_Term_Rules_Data The Element for the Payment Term Rule Data used in the Put/Get WWS
PaymentTypes Contains data for a given Payment Type object
PositionBudgets Position Budget Data.
ProgramHierarchies Program Hierarchy Data
Programs Program Data.
ProjectAdvancedLaborCostCalculationTypes Project Advanced Labor Cost Calculation Type Data
ProjectAdvancedLaborCostDefinitions Project Advanced Labor Cost Definition Data
ProposalGrants Element containing Proposal Grant Data
ReceivablesOverpaymentReasons Element containing data for the Receivable Overpayment Reason.
ReceivableWriteoffCategories Receivable Writeoff Category Data
RecurringJournalTemplates Recurring Journal Template Data
Regions Element containing all Region data
Regions_Integration_ID_Data Contains external system name and its corresponding ID that can be used to match data between systems during an integration.
Regions_Related_Worktags_by_Type_Data Allowed and Default Related Worktags Data by Worktag Type.
RelatedWorktagsforWorktags Related Worktags
RelatedWorktagsforWorktags_Related_Worktags_Data Reference to the existing Allowed or Default Related Worktags.
ResourceCategories Spend Category
ResourceCategories_Related_Worktags_by_Type_Data Allowed and Default Related Worktags Data by Worktag Type.
ResourceCategories_UNSPSC_Code_Range UNSPSC Code Range data.
RevenueCategories Revenue Category
RevenueCategories_Related_Worktags_by_Type_Data Allowed and Default Related Worktags Data by Worktag Type.
RevenueCategoryHierarchies Revenue Category Hierarchy Data
SpendCategoryHierarchies Spend Category Hierarchy
SpendRestrictions Element containing a Spend Restriction and its data.
StatisticDefinitions Statistic Definition
Statistics Statistic
Statistics_Attachment_Data Attachment Data
Statistics_Statistic_Values_Replacement_Data Statistic Values Reference, which includes Company (if the Statistics Definition requires it), required dimensions as worktags, and line values. If Company is not included, it should not be included in the line data.
StopItems Stores information about a Stop Item
SupplierCategories Supplier Category Data
SupplierContractLeaseAmendmentTypes Detailed information about your Supplier Contract Lease Amendment Type
Surveys Contains all of the data for a Survey.
SuspenseAccountRules Element containing all Suspense Account Rule data
TaxableDocumentforTaxCalculation Taxable Document for Tax Calculation Data
TaxApplicabilities Contains data for a given Tax Applicability object
TaxAuthorities Tax Authority Data
TaxCategories Tax Category Data
TaxCodes Tax Code
TaxRates Reference to Line Tax Rate
TaxRates_Effective_Transaction_Tax_Rate_Data Data to effective date the Tax Rate.
TaxRecoverabilities Element containing data for the Tax Recoverability.
TaxRuleExceptionGroups Element containing data for Tax Rule Exception Group
TaxRulesforItems Element containing information for the Tax Rule for Items instance.
TransactionTaxItemGroups Element containing Transaction Tax Items Group data.
TransactionTaxRuleExceptionforCountries Element containing information for the Transaction Tax Rule Exception for Country instance.
TransactionTaxRulesforCountry Element containing information for the Transaction Tax Rule for Country instance.
TransactionTaxStatuses Transaction Tax Status Data
VATGroups Element containing data for VAT Group
WithholdingTaxCodes Withholding Tax Code Data
WithholdingTaxExemptions Element containing data for the Withholding Tax Exemption.
WithholdingTaxItemGroups Element containing Withholding Tax Items Group data.
WithholdingTaxRates Withholding Tax Rate Data
WithholdingTaxRuleforItems Element containing information for the Withholding Tax Rule for Items instance.
WithholdingTaxRulesforCountry Element containing information for the Withholding Tax Rule for Country instance.
WithholdingTaxStatus Wrapper Element that includes Withholding Tax Status Instance and Data
WorkdayCompanies Company Data
WorktagsTaxRules Element containing information for the Tax Rule for Worktag instance.

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