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Data for this Compensation Eligibility Rule


Name Type References Description
Effective_Date Date The effective date for this change.
Condition_Rule_ID String Text value for reference ID for Condition Rule.
Rule_Description String Text description of Condition Rule.
Comment String Text comment for Condition Rule.
Condition_Rule_Category_Reference String Categories for Condition Rule.
Condition_Item_Data String Data for each Condition Rule
Countries_Reference String Countries for Condition Rule
Compensation_Package_Reference String Compensation Packages referencing this Compensation Eligibility Rule.
Compensation_Grade_Reference String Compensation Grades referencing this Compensation Eligibility Rule.
Compensation_Grade_Profile_Reference String Compensation Grade Profiles refrerencing this Compensation Eligibility Rule.
Compensation_Plan_Reference String Compensation Plans referencing this Compensation Eligibility Rule.

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Build 20.0.7740