Tableau Connector for Workday

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CData Tableau Connector for Workday ビュー

Name Description
BenchmarkJobs Benchmark Job Data
CompensationEligibilityRules Data for this Compensation Eligibility Rule
CompensationEligibilityRuleswithoutDependencies Data for this Compensation Eligibility Rule
CompensationGradeHierarchy Compensation grade hierarchy.
CompensationGradeHierarchy_Compensation_Grade_Level This is a wrapper for compensation grade level .
CompensationGrades Compensation Grade
CompensationGrades_Alternative_Pay_Range This is a wrapper for the Alternative Pay Range Data
CompensationGrades_Compensation_Grade_Profile This is a wrapper for the Compensation Grade Profiles
CompensationGrades_Compensation_Step Compensation Step
CompensationMatrices All data for this compensation matrix.
CompensationPlans Compensation Plan
CompensationScorecardResults Contains the detailed scorecard result information.
CompensationScorecards Contains scorecard data.
EligibleEarnings Contains Eligible Earnings Override information based on Request References or Request Criteria.
EnhancedSeveranceMatrices The enhanced severance matrix returned.
OneTimePaymentPlanConfigurableCategories Data Element
OneTimePaymentPlans An instance of a One-Time Payment Plan and its associated data.
PeriodActivityRateMatrices Period Activity Rate Matrix data
PeriodActivityTasks Period Activity Task Data
PreviousSystemCompensationHistory Contains the data for adding, updating or deleting a previous system compensation history entry for a worker.
StockParticipationRateTables Stock Participation Rate Table Data

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Build 20.0.7740