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Financial Institution Data


Name Type References Description
Financial_Institution_ID String Financial Institution ID. This is a unique identifier for the Financial Institution
Financial_Institution_Reference_ID String Financial Institution Reference ID. The Financial Institution Reference ID can be used to uniquely identify a Financial Institution. Unlike Financial Institution ID, Workday will not automatically generate a Financial Institution Reference ID if one is not received. The recommended use for Financial Institution Reference ID is where Workday is not the source system of the Financial Institution.
Financial_Institution_Name String Financial Institution Name.
Bank_Identifier_Code String Bank Identifier Code
Bank_Code String Bank Code
Business_Entity_Name String Business Entity Name is the name for the business entity. Business entities can not be duplicated across different business entity types, ie: a Customer can not have the same name as a Financial Institution unless they share the Business Entity.
Business_Entity_Phonetic_Name String Business Entity Furigana
Business_Entity_Tax_ID String Business Entity Tax ID
External_Entity_ID String External Entity ID. The External Entity ID can be used as a non unique reference to the same Business Entity in an external system.
Address_Data String Address information
Phone_Data String Phone Information
Email_Address_Data String Email Address Information
Instant_Messenger_Data String Instant Messenger Information
Web_Address_Data String Web Address Information
Filename String Text attribute identifying Filename of the Attachment.
Image String File content in binary format.
Attachment_Data String Encapsulating element containing all Business Document Attachment data.

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Build 20.0.7740