Tableau Connector for Workday

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Container for the retrieved Student data


Name Type References Description
Opt_Out Bool Engagement Opt Out
Student_Person_Data String Contains Legal Name and Contact Information
Student_Personal_Portfolio_Data String Extracurricular Activities and External Affiliations associated with a Student Prospect.
Student_Personal_Information_Data String Personal Information data for a Student Applicant
Student_School_Data String Contains Institution and Institution Attendance information
Student_Recruitment_Data String Contains Recruitment, Academic Unit, Academic Period, Student Prospect Stage, Educational Interests, and Prospect Source information for a Student Prospect
Student_Application_Data String Contains Application, Academic Unit, Academic Period, Student Prospect Stage information about a Student Applicant
Education_Test_Result_Data String Education Test Result Subedit Data
Student_Transcript_Data String Contains all data related to a Student Transcript.
Student_Proxy_Data String Contains Student Proxy information for a Student Prospect

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Build 20.0.7740