Excel Add-In for TaxJar

Build 21.0.7930

Updating Data

After Querying Data to pull data into your sheet, you can edit cells and post the changes to the rows you select. Select the data manipulation operation on the CData ribbon. The add-in only saves the changes in the selected rows. You must also enable data modification options for the connection to save changes. See Establishing a Connection for details.


After making changes to the data, all edited cells will be highlighted in red. To commit these updates, from the CData ribbon, click Update Rows. Note that not all cells can be updated; read-only cells are marked in their column headers. Also, business rules in your TaxJar data source may prevent you from making certain changes. See Data Model for more notes on updating TaxJar


To insert a new row, create a new row in the spreadsheet. The data in the columns must match with the respective headers. Select the row and click Add Rows. The CData Excel Add-In for TaxJar attempts to add a new row in TaxJar.


To delete one or more rows, select the rows and click Delete Rows.

Revert Changes to Records

If you need to undo a mistakenly made change to the data, you can click the Revert Rows button.

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Build 21.0.7930