SSIS Components for Avro

Build 21.0.7930


Specifies the data model to use when parsing Avro documents and generating the database metadata.

Possible Values

None, Document, FlattenedDocuments, Relational

Data Type


Default Value



The component splits documents into rows based on the objects nested in arrays. Select a DataModel configuration to configure how the component models nested object arrays into tables.

Selecting a Data Modeling Strategy

The following DataModel configurations are available.

  • Document

    Returns a single table representing a row for each top-level object. In this data model, any nested object arrays will not be flattened and will be returned as aggregates.

  • FlattenedDocuments

    Returns a single table representing a SQL CROSS JOIN of the available documents in the file.

  • Relational

    Returns multiple tables, one for each nested object array. In this data model, any nested documents (object arrays) will be returned as relational tables that contain a primary key and a foreign key that links to the parent table.

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Build 21.0.7930