FireDAC Components for Avro

Build 21.0.7930

Getting Started

Connecting from RAD Studio

The CData FireDAC Components for Avro implement the standard FireDAC classes and integrate Avro into RAD Studio wizards. You can access the components from the RAD Studio Tool Palette and use the components alongside standard FireDAC classes like TFDQuery, TFDManager, and TFDConnection.

Connecting from Avro

See Establishing a Connection to connect with the Data Explorer and FireDAC Connection Editor wizards.

RAD Studio Version Support

RAD Studio 10.1 (Berlin) and above are supported.

Avro Version Support

The component leverages the Apache Avro V1.10.1.

Avro Serialization Encodings

Apache Avro specifies two serialization encodings: binary and JSON. The component only parses Avro files that are encoded in Binary.

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Build 21.0.7930