FireDAC Components for Avro

Build 21.0.7930


The behavior when using bulk inserts to create Avro files.


property InsertMode: String;

Possible Values

create, overwrite, batch

Data Type


Default Value



  • Create: Set this to create a new Avro file using the table name specified in Create Table Statement. This will cause an error if a file already exists with the same file name as the new file.
  • Overwrite: Set this to overwrite any exisiting Avro file with the same name as the new file.
  • Batch: Set this if using BatchSize > 0. This will create multiple Avro files, each file containing data for a single batch. File names would follow the pattern: '<Timestamp>_<Table Name>_<Batch ID>.avro'.

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Build 21.0.7930