FireDAC Components for Avro

Build 21.0.7930


This section provides a complete list of the Connection properties you can configure in the connection string for this provider.

URIThe Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for the Avro resource location.
DataModelSpecifies the data model to use when parsing Avro documents and generating the database metadata.
RegionThe hosting region for your S3-like Web Services.
ProjectIdThe id of the project where your Google Cloud Storage instance resides.
OracleNamespaceThe Oracle Cloud Object Storage namespace to use.
StorageBaseURLThe URL of a cloud storage service provider.
UseVirtualHostingIf true (default), buckets will be referenced in the request using the hosted-style request: If set to false, the bean will use the path-style request: Note that this property will be set to false, in case of an S3 based custom service when the CustomURL is specified.

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Build 21.0.7930