Excel Add-In for Domino

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Managing Connections

Connection profiles can be per-user settings tied to your Windows account, or you can embed connections in the workbook for easier sharing. The permissions associated with your connection profile also control the allowed operations.

To change the connection linked to a worksheet, click Get Data from the CData ribbon, and select From Domino. This will open the CData Query Window. You can also access the CData Query Window by clicking Edit Query from the CData ribbon once you have succesfully established a connection.

CData Query Window

In the CData Query Window, you will be able to edit which parts of the data you want to bring to your Excel project.

Click Select next to the Table or View box to open the Table Selection window. In this window you will be able to do the following:

  • Choose and create a new connection using the Connection Dropdown Box. You can then edit the connection by clicking the Edit button. Here you can edit connection parameters to the Domino driver. See Establishing a Connection to configure connection properties, access permissions, and where to save the connection.
  • Search for a table or view using the Table or View search box.
  • Create a new table in your Domino instance using the Define New Table button.
  • Select the table you want to bring into your workbook.

Once you select the table in the CData Query Window, click Ok, and you can then edit the Columns you want to pull from Domino. Simply check besides each column you wish to import.

The Query text box will auto-update as you make changes to any of the settings listed above. However, you can edit and customize the query using the SQL Query text box. See Querying Data for more information on queries.

You can also change the sheet name. By default it will be set to the name of the table you are querying.

Clicking Ok will create the new connection with all the properties you set. You can manage all of your available connections by clicking Connection Manager from the CData ribbon.

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Build 23.0.8839