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This section describes how to create a DSN on the Informatica PowerCenter server. To connect to Domino from Informatica PowerCenter, install the driver on the machine running Informatica Information Services and the machine you are connecting from. On both machines, you will then need to specify the connection properties in a DSN.

On Windows, you can use the Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator to create and configure ODBC DSNs. Linux editions of Informatica embed the DataDirect driver manager: the following steps show how to use this driver manager to configure a DSN for Informatica. You can then connect to the DSN from client tools like the Workflow Manager and Informatica.

Configure a DSN on a Linux Server

Before defining the DSN, complete these prerequisite steps:

  1. Set the ODBCSYSINI environment variable:
    >$ export ODBCSYSINI=/home/infar/Informatica/9.6.1/ODBC7.1
  2. Set the ODBCINI environment variable:
    >$ export ODBCINI=$ODBCSYSINI/odbc.ini
  3. Set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable:
    >$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/infar/Informatica/9.6.1/ODBC7.1/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
You can then follow the procedure in Using the DataDirect Driver Manager to set the driver encoding and create the DSN in odbc.ini. For example, in /home/infar/Informatica/9.6.1/ODBC7.1/odbc.ini or /opt/informatica/10.1/ODBC7.1/odbc.ini. Note that the step to register the driver in odbcinst.ini is not required for Informatica.

Test the Connection

To test the newly configured DSN 'CData Domino Source', you can use the utility ssgodbc:

  1. Change to the directory containing the tool in your Informatica installation. For example, enter the following command, changing the destination folder to match your operating system, as necessary:
    cd $INFA_HOME/tools/debugtools/ssgodbc/linux64
  2. Enter the following to test the DSN:
    ssgodbc -d "CData Domino Source"-u username -p password -v

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