ODBC Driver for Domino

Build 23.0.8839


Returns information on the available connection properties and those set in the connection string.

When querying this table, the config connection string should be used:


This connection string enables you to query this table without a valid connection.

The following query retrieves all connection properties that have been set in the connection string or set through a default value:

SELECT * FROM sys_connection_props WHERE Value <> ''


Name Type Description
Name String The name of the connection property.
ShortDescription String A brief description.
Type String The data type of the connection property.
Default String The default value if one is not explicitly set.
Values String A comma-separated list of possible values. A validation error is thrown if another value is specified.
Value String The value you set or a preconfigured default.
Required Boolean Whether the property is required to connect.
Category String The category of the connection property.
IsSessionProperty String Whether the property is a session property, used to save information about the current connection.
Sensitivity String The sensitivity level of the property. This informs whether the property is obfuscated in logging and authentication forms.
PropertyName String A camel-cased truncated form of the connection property name.
Ordinal Int32 The index of the parameter.
CatOrdinal Int32 The index of the parameter category.
Hierarchy String Shows dependent properties associated that need to be set alongside this one.
Visible Boolean Informs whether the property is visible in the connection UI.
ETC String Various miscellaneous information about the property.

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Build 23.0.8839