ODBC Driver for Domino

Build 23.0.8839


On the Other tab, you can configure TLS/SSL and more advanced connection settings. You can also configure logging for the SQL Gateway.

Securing Connections with TLS/SSL

You must configure SSL for SQL Server connections. The certificate specified on this tab is also used for SSL-enabled MySQL connections.

A default certificate is shipped for testing purposes; this certificate is not suitable for production.

To secure database connections with SSL, specify a digital certificate by clicking the button in the SSL Cert box. Configure the SQL Gateway with the private key in the resulting dialog.

You can select a private key from the available certificate stores. Or click Create New Certificate on the System Store tab to create a new key pair. Select an existing private key from the system store, the user store, a PFX file, or a PEM file.

After configuring the private key in the SQL Gateway, clients need to be able to trust the public key. To trust the key, clients validate the certificate's chain of trust.

A self-signed certificate, such as a certificate you create with the SQL Gateway, is the only certificate in the chain. To trust a self-signed certificate, you must manually validate and accept the certificate. One way to accept the certificate is to add it to the trusted system store. Your application may require a different store.

Logging Application Info

To record SQL Gateway activity, enable the Write Log to a File option and specify the logfile, verbosity, and log rotation interval.

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Build 23.0.8839