ODBC Driver for Domino

Build 23.0.8839

macOS DSN Configuration

This section shows how to set up ODBC connectivity and configure DSNs on macOS.

Minimum macOS Version

The CData ODBC Driver for Domino driver requires macOS Sierra (10.12) or above.

Licensing the Driver

In a terminal, run the following commands to license the driver. To activate a trial, omit the <key> input.

cd "/Applications/CData ODBC Driver for Domino/bin"
sudo ./install-license.sh <key>

You'll be prompted for a name and password. These refer to your name and your machine's password.

Connecting to Domino

To connect to Domino data, set the following properties:
  • URL: The host name or IP of the server hosting the Domino database. Include the port of the server hosting the Domino database.
  • DataSource: The datasource to connect to on the Domino URL.


  1. DataSource: is the scope name found in your Domino Admin UI. Go to your Domino Admin UI, navigate to the Scope Management page, and obtain the scope name you want to connect to.

Authenticating to Domino

Domino supports the following types of authentication:

  • OAuthJWT
  • AzureAD


This authentication method exchanges Domino user credentials for a JWT token. This method uses Domino's internal JWT provider. To authenticate using OAuthJWT authentication, set AuthScheme to OAuthJWT and set the following properties:

  • User: The username of the authenticating Domino user.
  • Password: The password associated with the authenticating Domino user.


This authentication method uses Azure Active Directory as an IdP to obtain a JWT token. This method is used as an external JWT provider. You need to create a custom OAuth application in Azure Active Directory and configure it as an IdP. To do so, follow the instructions here: https://opensource.hcltechsw.com/Domino-rest-api/howto/IdP/configuringAD.html. To authenticate using AzureAD authentication, set AuthScheme to AzureAD and set the following properties:

  • OAuthClientId: Set this to the Client ID obtained when setting up the custom OAuth application.
  • OAuthClientSecret: Set this to the Client secret obtained when setting up the custom OAuth application.
  • CallbackURL : Set this to the redirect URI defined when you registered your app. For example: https://localhost:33333


  1. AzureTenant is generally supplied in the form companyname.microsoft.com, but it is also acceptable to specify the tenant Id. (The tenant Id is the same as the directory Id shown in the Azure Portal Azure Active Directory > Properties page.)

    When OAuthGrantType is set to CODE (the default), AzureTenant is usually not needed unless the user belongs to multiple tenants. When OAuthGrantType is set to CLIENT, AzureTenant is required.

  2. The AzureAD AuthScheme is generally used with a custom OAuth application to establish the required OAuth credentials. These usually take the form of an account identifier or cllient ID, and the account password or client secret.

Uninstalling the Driver

The easiest way to uninstall the driver is to open a terminal and run the included uninstall.sh script, located in the installation directory. For example:

cd "/Applications/CData ODBC Driver for Domino"
sudo ./uninstall.sh

Note: The script needs to be run from the installation directory.

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