JDBC Driver for eBay Analytics

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Creating a Custom OAuth App

eBay Analytics supports the OAuth 2.0 Authentication method. In order to able to perform this authentication, you will need to first join the eBay Developers Program here: https://developer.ebay.com/.

Register an OAuth Application and get your OAuth credentials

You can follow the procedure below to obtain the OAuth client credentials, the OAuthClientId, OAuthClientSecret and the RuName.

  1. In the developers program Home select the Application access keys option from the dropdown list of the "Hi YourAccountName" menu bar button.
  2. On the Application Keys page you will be able to create an OAuth App and request a pair of OAuth credentials for either your Production environment or for your Sandbox one.
  3. After generating and saving your App ID (Client ID) and your Cert ID (Client Secret), you can then click on the User Tokens button next to your App ID (Client ID) of the keyset you want to use.

    Use production keys if you are getting analytics data from your real eBay store. Use sandbox keys if you're looking to get analytics data from the eBay testing environment.

  4. Click on the Get a Token from eBay via Your Application and in the expanded section, make sure the OAuth enabled is checked and set the Your auth accepted URL to your preferred Callback URL. Here you should also get and save the RuName (redirect_uri).

    Note the eBay Analytics requires a secure Redirect URI (https). For Desktop Apps you can to set this to: https://oauth.cdata.com/oauth/ and optionally, the CallbackURL connection property to a local Redirect URL (ex. http://localhost:33333).

After following these steps, save the OAuthClientId, OAuthClientSecret and RuName along with the configured CallbackURL (auth accepted URL) and follow the instructions on either Custom Credentials or Headless Machines to connect to eBay Analytics.

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Build 22.0.8462