BizTalk Adapter for eBay Analytics

Build 21.0.7930

Updategram Schemas

This section shows example schemas and the generated instances.

Using Updategram Schemas

You can use updategrams to execute data manipulation commands and validate the responses. You can use updategram schemas as templates for generating updategrams.

Executing Updategrams

Only send ports can execute updategrams. The examples in this section are of a solicit-response send port that has been configured to use the eBay Analytics adapter. See the Adapter Configuration section in BizTalk for more information on configuring the adapter in send ports and receive locations.

Mapping the Request and Response to the Schema

Updategrams and updategram schemas have a declarative structure: A before block specifies the columns to update. An after block specifies how the data will change. The updategram schema maps to the types contained in the result of the command. The updategram instance maps to the values specified in the command.

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Build 21.0.7930