JDBC Driver for EnterpriseDB

Build 23.0.8839


Data Type Mappings

The 本製品 maps types from the data source to the corresponding data type available in the schema. The table below documents these mappings.

EnterpriseDB CData Schema
abstime string
aclitem string
bigint long
bigserial long
bit varying string
bit string
boolean bool
box string
bytea binary
char string
character varying string
character string
cid string
cidr string
circle string
date date
daterange string
double precision float
gtsvector string
inet string
int2vector string
int4range string
int8range string
integer int
json string
jsonb binary
line string
lseg string
macaddr8 string
macaddr string
money decimal
name string
numeric decimal
numrange string
oid string
oidvector string
path string
pg_dependencies string
pg_lsn string
pg_ndistinct string
pg_node_tree string
point string
polygon string
real float
refcursor string
regclass string
regconfig string
regdictionary string
regnamespace string
regoper string
regoperator string
regproc string
regprocedure string
regrole string
regtype string
reltime string
serial int
smallint int
smallserial int
smgr string
text string
tid string
time with time zone string
time without time zone time
timestamp with time zone datetime
timestamp without time zone datetime
tinterval string
tsquery string
tsrange string
tstzrange string
tsvector string
txid_snapshot string
uuid string
xid string
xml string

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Build 23.0.8839