ADO.NET Provider for Airtable

Build 23.0.8770


Generate the OAuth authorization URL used for authentication with Airtable using OAuth.


Name Type Required Description
CallbackURL String False The URI for the authorize response redirect. Must exactly match a redirect URI associated with your integration.
Scope String False The permissions required by your integration. A string that is a space delimited list of unique scopes. All scopes must be valid, Airtable defined scopes that have been selected for your integration in the integration management page. You must request at least one scope.
State String False This field indicates any state that may be useful to your application upon receipt of the response. Your application receives the same value it sent, as this parameter makes a round-trip to the Airtable server and back. Possible uses include redirecting the user to the correct resource in your site, using nonces, and mitigating cross-site request forgery.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
URL String The URL to complete user authorization.
PKCEVerifier String A random value used as input for GetOAuthAccessToken.

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Build 23.0.8770