ADO.NET Provider for Airtable

Build 23.0.8770


Enabling the Metadata API gives you read-only access to a list of your bases, tables and fields, and changes the behavior of the driver for all operations and queries.






The Metadata API allows the 本製品 to dynamically retrieve the bases, tables, views, columns, and column data types from Airtable. If enabled, the driver will reference Airtable tables, views and fields for all operations and queries by their unique ID. Enabling the MetadataAPI requires the 'schema.bases:read' scope for PersonalAccessToken and OAuthPKCE authentication.

If this property is not enabled, you need to manually specify the following:

  • BaseId: Set this to your base ID.
    • To find this value, navigate to the Airtable API Reference and select a base. In the introduction section of the Airtable documentation for the selected base, note the value specified in The ID of this base is <Id>.
  • TableNames: Set this to a comma-separated list of table names for the selected base in the format TableA,TableB..etc. Supply the table names exactly as they are displayed in the Airtable UI.
  • ViewNames (optional): Set this to a comma-separated list of views in the format TableA.ViewA,TableA.ViewB,..etc. These are the same view names as those found in the UI.

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Build 23.0.8770