JDBC Driver for Airtable

Build 22.0.8462

Data Model


This section shows the available API objects and provides more information on executing SQL to Airtable APIs.

Key Features

  • The driver models Airtable entities like documents, folders, and groups as relational views, allowing you to write SQL to query Airtable data.
  • The columns of the tables and views are heuristically discovered by scanning the records from the data source. The data types of the columns are also heuristically determined if the TypeDetectionScheme property is set to 'RowScan'.
  • Stored procedures allow you to execute operations to Airtable
  • Live connectivity to these objects means any changes to your Airtable account are immediately reflected when using the driver.


Driver will use TableNames and ViewNames connection properties to specify views of the current base. For each record in TableNames, will be generated two other views, named as "ViewName_Attachments" for exposing attachments information and "ViewName_Collaborations" for exposing collaborator information of the view. An example for this would be Sample table in Views

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Build 22.0.8462