ODBC Driver for Zuora

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An account is a customer account that collects all of the critical information about the customer, such as contact information, payment terms, and payment methods.


Name Type Description
taxexempteffectivedate Date Date when the customer's tax exemption starts.
invoicetemplateid String The ID of the invoice template. Each customer account can use a specific invoice template for invoice generation.
totaldebitmemobalance Decimal The total debit memo balance.
updateddate Datetime Date when the account was last updated.
name String Name of the account as displayed in the Zuora UI.
createdbyid String ID of the Zuora user who created the Account object.
taxexemptissuingjurisdiction String Indicates the jurisdiction in which the customer's tax exemption certificate was issued.
currency String Currency that the customer is billed in.
taxexemptcertificateid String ID of your customer's tax exemption certificate.
crmid String CRM account ID for the account. Used in Salesforce integration.
defaultpaymentmethodid String ID of the default payment method for the account. This field is required if the AutoPay field is set to true.
status String Status of the account in the system.
creditmemotemplateid String The credit memo template id.
debitmemotemplateid String The debit memo template id.
communicationprofileid String Associates the account with a specified communication profile.
invoicedeliveryprefsemail Bool Indicates if the customer wants to receive invoices through email.
bcdsettingoption String Billing cycle day setting option.
createddate Datetime Date when the Account object was created.
unappliedcreditmemoamount Decimal The unapplied credit memo amount.
taxcompanycode String Unique code that identifies a company account in Avalara. Use this field to calculate taxes based on origin and sold-to addresses in Avalara.
id String ID of object. Upon creation of this object, this field becomes AccountId.
balance Decimal Current outstanding balance for the account.
soldtoid String ID of the person who bought the subscription associated with the account.
unappliedbalance Decimal The unapplied balance.
invoicedeliveryprefsprint Bool Indicates if the customer wants to receive printed invoices, such as through postal mail.
sequencesetid String The ID of the billing document sequence set to assign to the customer account.
additionalemailaddresses String List of additional email addresses to receive emailed invoices.
mrr Decimal
taxexemptexpirationdate Date Date when the customer's tax exemption certificate expires.
incollections_c String You can use this fields as custom field in your customization.
totalinvoicebalance Decimal Total balance of the account's invoices.
taxexemptentityusecode String You can use this fields as custom field in your customization.
batch String Organizes your customer accounts into groups to optimize your billing and payment operations.
paymentgateway String Gateway used for processing electronic payments and refunds.
billcycleday String Billing cycle day (BCD) on which bill runs generate invoices for the account.
billtoid String ID of the person to bill for the account
notes String Comments about the account.
vatid String EU Value Added Tax ID.
parentid String Identifier of the parent customer account for this Account object. Use this field if you have customer hierarchy enabled.
purchaseordernumber String The number of the purchase order associated with this account. Purchase order information generally comes from customers.
updatedbyid String ID of the user who last updated the account.
creditbalance Decimal Total credit balance for the account.
autopay Bool Indicates if future payments are automatically collected when they're due during a Payment Run
customerservicerepname String Name of the account's customer service representative, if applicable.
paymentterm String Indicates when the customer pays for subscriptions.
entity_c String
lastinvoicedate Date The date when the previous invoice was generated for the account. The field value is null if no invoice has ever been generated for the account.
accountnumber String Unique account number assigned to the account.
taxexemptstatus String Status of the account's tax exemption.
taxexemptcertificatetype String Type of the tax exemption certificate that your customer holds.
salesrepname String The name of the sales representative associated with this account, if applicable.
taxexemptdescription String Description of the tax exemption certificate that your customer holds.
allowinvoiceedit Bool Indicates if associated invoices can be edited.

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