Power BI Connector for Zuora

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The Tenant type of your hosted application.

Possible Values

USProduction, USAPISandbox, USPerformanceTest, EUProduction, EUSandbox, EUCentralSandbox, USCloudProduction, USCloudAPISandbox, USCentralSandbox

Data Type


Default Value



  • USProduction: Requests sent to https://rest.zuora.com.
  • USAPISandbox: Requests sent to https://rest.apisandbox.zuora.com.
  • USPerformanceTest: Requests sent to https://rest.pt1.zuora.com.
  • USCloudProduction: Requests sent to https://rest.na.zuora.com.
  • USCloudAPISandbox: Requests sent to https://rest.sandbox.na.zuora.com.
  • USCentralSandbox: Requests sent to https://rest.test.zuora.com.
  • EUProduction: Requests sent to https://rest.eu.zuora.com.
  • EUSandbox: Requests sent to https://rest.sandbox.eu.zuora.com.
  • EUCentralSandbox: Requests sent to https://rest.test.eu.zuora.com.

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Build 21.0.7930