ADO.NET Provider for Yahoo! Ads

Build 23.0.8839


ストアドプロシージャはファンクションライクなインターフェースで、Yahoo! Ads の単純なSELECT/INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE 処理にとどまらず本製品 の機能を拡張します。

ストアドプロシージャは、パラメータのリストを受け取り、目的の機能を実行し、プロシージャが成功したか失敗したかを示すとともにYahoo! Ads から関連するレスポンスデータを返します。

CData ADO.NET Provider for Yahoo! Ads ストアドプロシージャ

Name Description
CreateSchema Creates a schema file for the specified table or view.
DisplayAdsAddAdGroupAdLabels To create DisplayAds AdGroupAd Labels.
DisplayAdsAddAdGroupLabels To create DisplayAds AdGroup Labels.
DisplayAdsAddCampaignLabels To create DisplayAds Campaign Labels.
DisplayAdsCreateFeedFtpRequest Create registered FTP setting information.
DisplayAdsDownloadCampaignMigrationErrorFile Download the uploaded original csv file as well as error files.
DisplayAdsDownloadCampaignMigrationList Download the list of campaigns targeted for migration.
DisplayAdsDownloadCampaignMigrationOriginalFile Download the uploaded original csv file as well as error files.
DisplayAdsDownloadFeedDataErrorFile Downloads feed data error file.
DisplayAdsDownloadFeedDisApprovalReasonList Downloads the disapproval reason list.
DisplayAdsDownloadMedia Download the submitted media file.
DisplayAdsDownloadOfflineConversionErrorFile Download offline conversion error files.
DisplayAdsDownloadReport Download the DisplayAds report.
DisplayAdsDownloadUserOperationHistory Download the data of user operation history.
DisplayAdsDownloadVideo Download the added video.
DisplayAdsRemoveAdGroupAdLabels To remove DisplayAds AdGroupAd Labels.
DisplayAdsRemoveAdGroupLabels To remove DisplayAds AdGroup Labels.
DisplayAdsRemoveCampaignLabels To remove DisplayAds Campaign Labels.
DisplayAdsUpdateFeedItem FeedItemService provides the operation about item information.
DisplayAdsUploadCampaignMigrationList Upload csv files for migration.
DisplayAdsUploadFeedData Executes upload item list.
DisplayAdsUploadOfflineConversion Execute upload offline conversion data.
DisplayAdsUploadUserList Upload the user list file for audience list (custom) and audience list (customer data).
DisplayAdsUploadVideo Upload process of video files can be operated.
GetOAuthAccessToken Gets an authentication token from Yahoo! Ads.
GetOAuthAuthorizationURL Gets the authorization URL that must be opened separately by the user to grant access to your application. Only needed when developing Web apps. You will request the OAuthAccessToken from this URL.
RefreshOAuthAccessToken Refreshes the OAuth access token used for authentication with Yahoo! Ads.

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Build 23.0.8839