ADO.NET Provider for Wave Financial

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CData ADO.NET Provider for Wave Financial ビュー

Name Description
Accounts Chart of Accounts for the business.
AccountSubtypes List subtypes of accounts.
AccountTypes List types of accounts.
Businesses List businesses.
Countries List countries.
Currencies List currencies.
Customers List of customers for the business.
InvoiceItems The line items (product, unit and price) that make up the invoiced sale.
InvoiceItemTaxes List of taxes applied to an invoice item.
Invoices List of invoices for the business.
ProductDefaultSalesTaxes Default sales taxes to apply on product.
ProductDefaultSalesTaxRates Tax rates with their effective dates of application.
Products List of products (and services) for the business.
Provinces List of principal subdivisions.
SalesTaxes List of sales taxes for the business.
SalesTaxRates Tax rates with their effective dates of application
Vendors List of vendors for the business.

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Build 23.0.8839