Cmdlets for Facebook Ads

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ProxyAuthScheme Parameter (Connect-FacebookAds Cmdlet)

The authentication type to use to authenticate to the ProxyServer proxy.


Connect-FacebookAds -ProxyAuthScheme string

Possible Values


Data Type


Default Value



This value specifies the authentication type to use to authenticate to the HTTP proxy specified by ProxyServer and ProxyPort.

Note that the cmdlet will use the system proxy settings by default, without further configuration needed; if you want to connect to another proxy, you will need to set ProxyAutoDetect to false, in addition to ProxyServer and ProxyPort. To authenticate, set ProxyAuthScheme and set ProxyUser and ProxyPassword, if needed.

The authentication type can be one of the following:

  • BASIC: The cmdlet performs HTTP BASIC authentication.
  • DIGEST: The cmdlet performs HTTP DIGEST authentication.
  • NEGOTIATE: The cmdlet retrieves an NTLM or Kerberos token based on the applicable protocol for authentication.
  • PROPRIETARY: The cmdlet does not generate an NTLM or Kerberos token. You must supply this token in the Authorization header of the HTTP request.

If you need to use another authentication type, such as SOCKS 5 authentication, see FirewallType.

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