JDBC Driver for Facebook Ads

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Query information about an Ad Set or the Ad Sets on a specific Campaign or Ad Account. Accessing Ad Set information requires the ads_read permission.

Table Specific Information

AdSets in Facebook represent a collection of Ads in Facebook.


When querying ad sets, either the Id or Target must be used to filter results. The Target may be an ad account, or a campaign. For instance:

SELECT * FROM AdSets WHERE Target = 'act_123456'


Name Type Description
ID [KEY] String The Id of Ad Set.
Target String The Ad Account Id or Campaign Id to get Ad Sets of.
Name String The name of the Ad Set.
BudgetRemaining Integer The amount of budget remaining for this Ad Set.
CampaignId String The Ad Campaign this ad set is a part of.
AdSetStatus String The status of the Ad Set.

The allowed values are ACTIVE, PAUSED, ARCHIVED, DELETED.

BillingEvent String The billing event that this adset is using: APP_INSTALLS: Pay when people install your app. CLICKS: Pay when people click anywhere in the ad. IMPRESSIONS: Pay when the ads are shown to people. LINK_CLICKS: Pay when people click on the link of the ad. OFFER_CLAIMS: Pay when people claim the offer. PAGE_LIKES: Pay when people like your page. POST_ENGAGEMENT: Pay when people engage with your post. VIDEO_VIEWS: Pay when people watch videos.
CreatedTime Datetime When the Ad Set was created.
DailyBudget Integer The daily budget of the set defined in your account currency, it is allowed only for ad sets with a duration longer than 24 hours.
LifetimeBudget Decimal The lifetime budget of the set defined in your account currency.
EndTime Datetime When the Ad Set is scheduled to end.
StartTime Datetime When the Ad Set started.
UpdatedTime Datetime The time the Ad Set was last updated.
Recommendations String If there are recommendations for this ad set, this field includes them. Otherwise, this field will be null.
TargetingGenders Integer Indicates gender-based targeting. 0=all, 1=male, 2=female.

The allowed values are 0, 1, 2.

TargetingAgeMax Integer Maximum age. If used, must be 65 or lower.
TargetingAgeMin Integer Minimum age. If used, must be 13 or higher. If omitted, will default to 18.
TargetingCountries String Values for country targeting.
TargetingLocationTypes String Values for the types of locations to target.
TargetingRegions String The state, province, or region.
TargetingCities String Cities to target with a radius and distance.
TargetingZips String The zip codes used for targeting.
TargetingCustomLocations String Any custom locations to target.
TargetingGeoMarkets String They key for the market. The destination market areas (DMA) and keys are in the format DMA:NUMBER, such as DMA:501.
TargetingInterests String Interests to target based on.
TargetingBehaviors String Behaviors to target based on.
TargetingDevicePlatforms String The device platforms to target.
TargetingPublisherPlatforms String The publisher platforms to target.
TargetingInstagramPositions String The instagram positions to target.
TargetingPageTypes String The types of pages to use when targeting. Values may include desktop, feed, desktopfeed, mobile, rightcolumn, rightcolumn-and-mobile, home, mobilefeed-and-external, desktop-and-mobile-and-external, feed-and-external, rightcolumn-and-mobile-and-external.

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