JDBC Driver for Facebook Ads

Build 22.0.8462


Images associated with an ad account

Table Specific Information

Ad Images in Facebook represent individual images that can be used with ad creatives.


When querying ad images, a Target can be specified so that ad images are queried for the correct ad account. If no Target is specified, the driver will query from the first ad account it finds for your user account:

SELECT * FROM AdImages WHERE Target = 'act_123456'


Name Type Description
ID String The Id of image.
Target String The target ad account to pull images from.
AccountId String The id of the ad account of the image.
CreatedTime Datetime The datetime the image was created.
Creatives String The name of the Ad the lead originates from.
hash String The unique hash of the image.
height Integer The height of the image.
width Integer The width of the image.
AssociatedWithCreatives Boolean Whether the image is associated with any ad creatives.
name String The filename of the image.
OriginalHeight Integer The height of the original uploaded image
OriginalWidth Integer The width of the original uploaded image
Status String The status of the image.
PermalinkUrl String The permanent URL of the image to use in ad creatives.

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Build 22.0.8462