JDBC Driver for Facebook Ads

Build 22.0.8462


The most granular ad object level at which the driver will try to retrieve results on retry.

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This property only applies if no Target is specified for the submitted query. The RetryLevel property limits the levels of ad objects that the driver will attempt to get data for on retry requests for certain errors. The Insights API for ad insights will return specific errors if the response for an ad insights query from the driver would return too many rows, or have to be computed over too many data points. For these errors, the driver will attempt to retry the query targeting the next most granular level of ad object, up to the level of ad object specified by RetryLevel. The driver's ad object precedence is listed below, from least granular to most granular:

  1. Account
  2. Campaign
  3. AdSet
  4. Ad
If the Level parameter is specified in a query, the driver will not attempt to retry beyond the ad object level specified by Level.

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Build 22.0.8462