CData Python Connector for Facebook Ads

Build 21.0.8137


Query Albums associated with a Target. Accessing Album information typically requires the user_photos permission.


Name Type Description
ID [KEY] String The Id of the album.
Target String The Id or username of the target you are retrieving albums from.
Name String The name of the album.
FromId String Id of the user who owns the album.
FromName String Name of the user who owns the album.
FromPicture String The picture of user the album is from.
FromCategory String The category of user the album is from. FromCategory may only be retrieved if the other From* fields are not selected.
Description String A description of the album.
Location String The location of the album.
Link String A link to this album on Facebook.
CoverPhoto String The album cover photo Id.
Privacy String The privacy settings for the album.
Count Integer The number of photos in this album.
Type String The type of the album: profile, mobile, wall, normal or album.
CommentsCount Integer The number of comments for the album.
CommentsData String An aggregate of comment data.
CreatedTime Datetime When the album was uploaded.
UpdatedTime Datetime When the album was last updated.

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Build 21.0.8137