MuleSoft Connector for Facebook Ads

Build 21.0.7930


This section provides a complete list of the Miscellaneous properties you can configure in the connection settings for this provider.

AggregateFormatThe format aggregate or collection columns should return in.
MaxRowsLimits the number of rows returned rows when no aggregation or group by is used in the query. This helps avoid performance issues at design time.
OtherThese hidden properties are used only in specific use cases.
PagesizeThe maximum number of results to return per page from Facebook Ads.
PseudoColumnsThis property indicates whether or not to include pseudo columns as columns to the table.
RTKThe runtime key used for licensing.
SupportEnhancedSQLThis property enhances SQL functionality beyond what can be supported through the API directly, by enabling in-memory client-side processing.
TargetA default target if none is specified. Used for some tables, such as Comments, where a target may be specified.
TimeoutThe value in seconds until the timeout error is thrown, canceling the operation.
UploadLinkedMediaUpload linked photos or videos before inserting a new Post.

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Build 21.0.7930