JDBC Driver for Google Cloud Storage

Build 22.0.8462


Returns information for objects inside a specific bucket.

Table Specific Information


The driver will use the Google Cloud Storage API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the driver.

  • Name supports the '=,LIKE' comparisons.
  • Bucket supports the '=' comparison.

For example, the following queries are processed server side:

SELECT * FROM Objects WHERE Name = 'TestObject'

SELECT * FROM Objects WHERE Bucket = 'TestBucket'

SELECT * FROM Objects WHERE Name LIKE 'Test%' AND Bucket='TestBucket'


Name Type Description
Id [KEY] String The ID of the object, including the bucket name, object name, and generation number.
Name String The name of the object. Required if not specified by URL parameter.
Bucket String The name of the bucket containing this object.
Generation String The content generation of this object. Used for object versioning.
MetaGeneration String The version of the metadata for this object at this generation. Used for preconditions and for detecting changes in metadata. A metageneration number is only meaningful in the context of a particular generation of a particular object.
ContentType String Content-Type of the object data. If an object is stored without a Content-Type, it is served as application/octet-stream.
TimeCreated Datetime The creation time of the object in RFC 3339 format.
Updated Datetime The modification time of the object metadata in RFC 3339 format.
TimeDeleted Datetime The deletion time of the object in RFC 3339 format. Returned if and only if this version of the object is no longer a live version, but remains in the bucket as a noncurrent version.
TemporaryHold Boolean Whether or not the object is subject to a temporary hold.
EventBasedHold Boolean Whether or not the object is subject to an event-based hold.
RetentionExpirationTime Datetime The earliest time that the object can be deleted, based on a bucket's retention policy, in RFC 3339 format.
StorageClass String Storage class of the object.
TimeStorageClassUpdated Datetime The time at which the object's storage class was last changed. When the object is initially created, it will be set to timeCreated.
Size String Content-Length of the data in bytes.
Md5Hash String MD5 hash of the data; encoded using base64. For more information about using the MD5 hash, see Hashes and ETags: Best Practices.
MediaLink String Media download link.
ContentEncoding String Content-Encoding of the object data.
ContentDisposition String Content-Disposition of the object data.
ContentLanguage String Content-Language of the object data.
CacheControl String Cache-Control directive for the object data. If omitted, and the object is accessible to all anonymous users, the default will be public, max-age=3600.
OwnerEntity String The entity, in the form user-emailAddress.
OwnerEntityId String The ID for the entity.
Crc32c String CRC32c checksum, as described in RFC 4960, Appendix B; encoded using base64 in big-endian byte order. For more information about using the CRC32c checksum, see Hashes and ETags: Best Practices.
ComponentCount Integer Number of underlying components that make up a composite object. Components are accumulated by compose operations, counting 1 for each non-composite source object and componentCount for each composite source object. Note: componentCount is included in the metadata for composite objects only.
Etag String HTTP 1.1 Entity tag for the object.
CustomerEncryptionAlgorithm String The encryption algorithm.
CustomerEncryptionKeySha256 String SHA256 hash value of the encryption key.
KmsKeyName String Cloud KMS Key used to encrypt this object, if the object is encrypted by such a key.
CustomTime Datetime CA user-specified timestamp for the object in RFC 3339 format.

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Build 22.0.8462