JDBC Driver for Google Cloud Storage

Build 22.0.8462


Uploads objects in a single operation. Use the SimpleUploadLimit connection property to adjust the threshold in bytes in order to perform a multipart upload.


Name Type Required Description
Bucket String True The bucket name where the object resides.
Object String True The name of the object to generate the SignedURL for.
RequestMethod String False The method that the signed request will use.

The default value is GET.

Location String False Location of the specified bucket.

The default value is auto.

ActiveDateTime String False The dateTime when the SignedURL will become active. If not specified the current dateTime will be used.
Query String False The query string that must be included when using the SignedURL,if not specified no query string will be used.
CustomHeaders String False A comma separated list of name=value of the headers to use with the SignedURL, if not specified not custom headers will be used.
ExpiresIn String True The expiration time for the SignedURL it should be in the format: 1d2h3m4s, the maximum value is 7d0h0m0s
HmacAccessKey String False The Hmac access key.
HmacSecret String False The Hmac secret.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Success String Indicator if the stored procedure was successful or not.
SignedURL String Returns a signedUrl which can be used to download the resource.

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Build 22.0.8462