ODBC Driver for Azure DevOps

Build 22.0.8479


Pushes changes to a repository in your Azure DevOps instance.

Stored Procedure Specific Information

Pushing Changes

Pushing to Azure DevOps repositories through the REST API requires highly specific configurations. For this reason, the ChangesAggregate input must be provided as JSON. This can be achieved through temporary tables:

INSERT INTO ChangesAggregate#temp ([changeType], [item.path], [newContent.contentPath], [newContent.contentType]) 
VALUES ('add', 
EXEC PushChanges @BranchRefName='refs/heads/main', @OldObjectId='503b549b6dd4b0c4692fce1b726bfa03bebb6ffb', @CommitComment='Test Comment', @ChangesAggregate='ChangesAggregate#temp', @RepositoryId='28478171-fc07-468e'

Or by providing the JSON body of the object-array directly:

EXEC PushChanges @BranchRefName='refs/heads/main', 
				 @CommitComment='Test Comment',
				 @ChangesAggregate='[{"changetype": "add","newcontent": {"contenttype": "base64encoded","contentpath": "C:/test.jpg"},"item": {"path": "/images/test.jpg"}}]', 
For more information on the available change types, see the "Pushes - Create" chapter of the Azure DevOps REST API documentation.


Name Type Required Description
ProjectId String False Id or name of project.
RepositoryId String True Id or name of repository. Must be set to repository id if ProjectId not set.
BranchRefName String True Fully resolved name of git branch.
OldObjectId String True Current Object ID of branch.
CommitComment String True Comment to be sent with commit.
ChangesAggregate String True Aggregate object which holds details of each change being made in the commit.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
NewObjectId String Object Id of repository after commit has completed.
CommitId String Id of generated Commit.
CommitTreeId String Id of commit tree for generated commit.
AuthorName String Name of file author.
AuthorEmail String Email address of file author.
AuthoredDate Datetime Creation date of affected file.
CommitterName String Name of commit author.
CommitterEmail String Email address of commit author.
CommittedDate Datetime Date of commit creation.
CommitUrl String URL of generated commit object.
RepositoryId String Id of affected repository.
RepositoryName String Name of affected repository.
PushId String Id of push to repository.
PushDate String Date of push to repository.
PushURL String URL of push to repository.

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Build 22.0.8479