ODBC Driver for Azure DevOps

Build 22.0.8479


General Changes

  • Added the Default column to the sys_procedureparameters table.
2022-11-298368Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added PushChanges stored procedure for pushing a variety of changes to your Azure DevOps repositories.
2022-11-108349Azure DevOpsDeprecated
  • Deprecated FromDate and ToDate columns on TfvcChangesets table. Changeset creation date can now be filtered by specifying the CreatedDate column.
  • Updated embedded JRE to jre8u345-b01(Linux x64 / MacOS x64) and jre-17.0.5+8(MacOS aarch64).
2022-11-048343Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Undeprecated WorkItemsFields and WorkItemRevisionFields tables.

  • Deprecated Expand column on WorkItemsFields and WorkItemRevisionFields tables. These tables will now always show the expanded list of fields.
2022-10-178325Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added support for GETDELETED statements on the WorkItems table.
2022-10-068314Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added the RunPipeline stored procedure. This procedure can be configured to run pipelines from the driver through the REST API.
  • Added the IsPath column to the sys_procedureparameters table.
2022-09-228300Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added the WorkItemRelations table for retrieving relationships between WorkItems
2022-09-208298Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added the FileData output parameter and Encoding input parameter to print the response in the DownloadBuildLogs, DownloadBuildReport, DownloadPullRequestAttachment, DownloadReleaseLogs, DonwloadTestAttachment stored procedures.
  • Added the FileStream parameter to support outputstream in DownloadBuildLogs, DownloadBuildReport, DownloadPullRequestAttachment, DownloadReleaseLogs, DonwloadTestAttachment stored procedures.
2022-09-028280Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added automatic custom field discovery for WorkItems, WorkItemRevisions, and AuditLogEntries tables. Expanded Fields on each of WorkItems and WorkItemRevisions into their own columns.
  • Added the WorkItemRevisions table to the REST Schema.

  • WorkItemsFields and WorkItemRevisionFields tables are deprecated. Use WorkItems and WorkItemRevisions instead.
08/19/20228266Azure DevOpsChanged
  • Updated the AuthScheme connection property to rename OAuth authentication to AzureAD to better reflect the flow being used.
  • We now support handling the keyword "COLLATE" as standard function name as well.
07/20/20228236Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added the Relations column to the WorkItemUpdatesHistory view.

  • Updated the foreign key datatype to integer to match the referenced primary key for the following columns: TestCasePointAssignments.TestCaseId, TestPoints.TestCaseId, TestPoints.TestPlanId, TestPoints.TestSuiteId, TestResults.TestCaseId, TestResults.TestPlanId, TestResults.TestPointId, TestResults.TestSuiteId, TestSuites.TestCaseId.
06/24/20228210Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added the following Views: TfvcChangesets, WorkItemRevisionFields and WorkItemIds.
06/21/20228207Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added the AzureDevOpsServiceAPI connection property to switch between 5.1 or 6.0 REST API Versions.
  • Updated VC++ redistributable Libraries to Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable 14.32
05/17/20228172Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added the WorkItemUpdatesHistory view to the REST schema.
  • Changed to install .NET 4.0 instead of .NET 2.0 during default installation when both are present.
03/16/20228110Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added view WorkItemsHistory to the REST schema.
02/21/20228084Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added the child view WorkItemsFields to flatten the fields aggregate of of the WorkItems view.
01/27/20228062Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added a new Analytics schema for the Azure Analytics service.
  • Added support for transactions.
12/01/20218005Azure DevOpsAdded
  • Added Support for Insert, Update and Delete Operations.
11/18/20217992Azure DevOpsChanged
  • Added Support for Azure DevOps On-Premise Edition.
11/09/20217983Azure DevOpsChanged
  • Updated API Version to 6.0
  • Added support for the STRING_SPLIT table-valued function in the CROSS APPLY clause.
  • Added the KeySeq column to the sys_foreignkeys table.
  • Added the new sys_primarykeys system table.
  • Added support for the Array data type for the input parameters in stored procedures.
  • Updated the Literal Function Names for relative date/datetime functions. Previously relative date/datetime functions resolved to a different value when used in the projection vs te predicate. Ie: SELECT LAST_MONTH() AS lm, Col FROM Table WHERE Col > LAST_MONTH(). Formerly the two LAST_MONTH() methods would resolve to different datetimes. Now they will match.
  • As a replacement for the previous behavior, the relative date/datetime functions in the criteria may have an 'L' appended to them. Ie: WHERE col > L_LAST_MONTH(). This will continue to resolve to the same values that previously were calculated in the criteria. Note that the "L_" prefix will only work in the predicate - it not available for the projection.
  • Added the TCP Logging Module for the logging information happening on the TCP wire protocol. The transport bytes that are incoming and ongoing will be logged at verbosity=5.
  • Exposed the InitiateOAuth connection property.
  • Add new hidden property SupportNativeDataType support.
  • Support JAVA_HOME setting in confirgure file.
  • Adding the SqlMaxColumnNameLen connection property.
  • Added support for handling client side formulas during insert / update. For example: UPDATE Table SET Col1 = Concat(Col1, " - ", Col2) WHERE Col2 LIKE 'A%'
  • Updated how display sizes are determined for varchar primary key and foreign key columns so they will match the reported length of the column.
  • Non-conditional updates between two columns is now available to all drivers. For example: UPDATE Table SET Col1=Col2

  • Reduced the length to 255 for varchar primary key and foreign key columns.
  • Updated implicit and metadata caching to improve performance and support for multiple connections. Old metadata caches are not compatible - you would need to generate new metadata caches if you are currently using CacheMetadata.
  • Updated index naming convention to avoid duplicates
  • Updated and standardized Getting Started connection help.
  • Added the Advanced Features section to the help of all drivers.
  • Categorized connection property listings in the help for all editions.
  • ODBC Drivers on the Linux and Mac now depend on the JRE, which brings improved stability and performance.
04/15 /20217775GeneralChanged
  • Kerberos authentication is updated to use TCP by default, but will fall back to UDP if a TCP connection cannot be established

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Build 22.0.8479