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Views are composed of columns and pseudo columns. Views are similar to tables in the way that data is represented; however, views do not support updates. Entities that are represented as views are typically read-only entities. Often, a stored procedure is available to update the data if such functionality is applicable to the data source.

Queries can be executed against a view as if it were a normal table, and the data that comes back is similar in that regard. To find out more about tables and stored procedures, please navigate to their corresponding entries in this help document.

CData FireDAC Components for Azure DevOps Views

Name Description
AgentPools Retrieves a list of agent pools.
AuditLogEntries Retrieves all audit log entries.
BacklogColumnFields Retrieves column fields for the specific backlog level..
BacklogPanelFields Retrieves panel fields for the specific backlog level.
Backlogs Retrieves all backlog levels and details of the specific backlog level.
BacklogWorkItems Retrieves a list of work items within a backlog level.
BoardColumns Retrieve columns on a board.
BoardRows Retrieve rows on a board.
Boards Retrieve boards for the specific project and details of the specified board.
BuildChanges Retrieves the changes associated with the build.
BuildDefinitionDrafts Retrieves a list of drafts associated with the specific definition.
BuildDefinitionMetrics Retrieves metadata for the specific build.
BuildDefinitions Retrieves a list of build definitions.
BuildDemands Retrieves a list of demands that represents the agent capabilities required by the build.
BuildLogs Retrieve the logs for a build.
BuildPlans Retrieves the list of orchestration plans associated with the build.
Builds Retrieves a list of builds.
BuildValidationResults Retrieves the list of results of validating the build request.
BuildWorkItems Retrieves a list of work items associated with a build.
CommitChanges Retrieve changes for a particular commit.
CommitGitStatus Retrieve git status for the specific commit.
Commits Retrieve git commits for a project.
CommitWorkItems Retrieve work items for the specific commit.
Dashboards Retrieves a list of dashboards and details for a specific dashboard.
DeploymentGroupMachines Retrieves all machines for the specific deployment group.
DeploymentGroups Retrieves a list of all deployment groups.
FeedPermissions Retrieves the permissions for the specific feed.
Feeds Retrieves all feeds in an account.
FeedUpstreamSources Retrieves a list of upstream sources for the specific feed.
FeedViews Retrieves all views for the specific feed.
GitBranches Retrieves a collection of git branch.
GitStats Retrieve statistics about all branches within a repository.
IterationWorkItems Retrieve work items for the specific iteration.
ProjectProperties Retrieves a collection of project properties.
Projects Get all projects in the organization that the authenticated user has access to and details of the specific project.
PullRequestAttachments Retrieves a list of attachments for the specific pull request.
PullRequestReviewers Retrieves a list of reviewers for the specific pull request
PullRequests Retrieves a list of pull requests.
PullRequestWorkItems Retrieves a list of work items associated with a pull request.
Pushes Retrieves pushes associated with the specified repository.
PushRefUpdates Retrieve Ref Updates for the specific push.
Queries Retrieves the root queries and their children.
QueryClauses Retrieves clauses for the specific query.
QueryColumns Retrieves all columns for the specific query.
ReleaseApprovals Retrieves a list of approvals..
ReleaseArtifacts Retrieves a list of release artifacts.
ReleaseDefinitionArtifacts Retrieves a list of release definition artifacts.
ReleaseDefinitions Retrieves a list of release definitions.
ReleaseDeployments Retrieves a list of deployments.
Releases Retrieves a list of releases.
Repositories Generated schema file..
TaskGroupInputs Retrieves a list of inputs for the specific task group.
TaskGroups Retrieves a list of task groups.
TaskGroupSourceDefinitions Retrieves a list of source definitions for the specific task group.
Tasks Retrieves tasks in a task group.
TeamIterations Retrieve a team's iteration.
TeamMembers Retrieves a list of members for a specific team.
Teams Retrieves a list of all teams and details of specified team.
TeamSettings Retrieves settings for a team..
TestAttachments Retrieves a list of test result or run Attachments.
TestCasePointAssignments Retrieves point assignments for the specific test case.
TestCases Retrieves a list of all test cases.
TestConfigurations Retrieves a list test configurations.
TestPlans Get a list of test plans and details of specific test plan.
TestPoints Retrieves a list of test points.
TestResultIterationDetails Retrieves iteration details for the test result.
TestResults Retrieves test results for a test run.
TestRuns Retrieves a list of test runs.
TestRunStatistics Retrieves test run statistics, used when we want to get summary of a run by outcome.
TestSessions Retrieves a list of test sessions.
TestSubResults Retrieves sub results for the test result.
TestSuites Retrieves all test suites.
TestVariables Retrieves a list of test variables.
TfvcBranches Retrieves a collection of branch roots -- first-level children, branches with no parents.
Users Retrieves a list of users.
VariableGroups Retrieves a list of variable groups.
WikiPages Retrieves metadata or content of the wiki page for the provided path.
Wikis Retrieves all wikis in a project or collection.
WikiVersions Retrieves all wiki versions for the specific wiki.
WorkItems Retrieves a list of work items.

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