Excel Add-In for Twitter Ads

Build 21.0.7930

SQL Compliance

SELECT Statements

See SELECT Statements for a syntax reference and examples.

See Data Model for information on the capabilities of the Twitter Ads API.

CACHE Statements

CACHE statements allow granular control over the add-in's caching functionality. For a syntax reference and examples, see CACHE Statements.

For more information on the caching feature, see Caching Data.

REPLICATE Statements

REPLICATE statements allow high-level control over caching and incremental updates. For a syntax reference and examples, see REPLICATE Statements.

You can also incrementally update a cache automatically; see AutoCache for more information.

EXECUTE Statements

Use EXECUTE or EXEC statements to execute stored procedures. See EXECUTE Statements for a syntax reference and examples.

Names and Quoting

  • Table and column names are considered identifier names; as such, they are restricted to the following characters: [A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _:@].
  • To use a table or column name with characters not listed above, the name must be quoted using square brackets ([name]) in any SQL statement.
  • Parameter names can optionally start with the @ symbol (e.g., @p1 or @CustomerName) and cannot be quoted.
  • Strings must be quoted using single quotes (e.g., 'John Doe').

Transactions and Batching

Transactions are not currently supported.

Additionally, the add-in does not support batching of SQL statements. To execute multiple commands, you can create multiple instances and execute each separately. Or, use Batch Processing.

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Build 21.0.7930