Excel Add-In for Google Data Catalog

Build 21.0.7930

Writing Parameterized Queries

You can create dynamic spreadsheets by referencing cells in your SQL statement. The add-in executes the statement as a parameterized query. As you change the values in the sheet the add-in executes a new query.

Creating Searchable Spreadsheets

Use a parameterized SELECT WHERE query to create a spreadsheet that dynamically filters the data as you edit cells. The following filter criteria references the @InputSheet!A2 parameter -- cell A2 of the sheet InputSheet.

SELECT Type, DatasetName FROM Schemas WHERE ProjectId = @InputSheet!A2

Defining Optional and Required Parameters

When you prefix a parameter with @@, empty values in the referenced cell do not affect the query (i.e. any condition that refers to a cell with an empty value is removed).

In the following query, DatasetName is an optional search parameter, but ProjectId must be specified.

SELECT * FROM Schemas WHERE ProjectId = @InputSheet!A2 AND DatasetName = @@InputSheet!A3

Dynamic Table References

You can dynamically reference a table in a query by prefixing the cell reference with @@@. The following query will read the value from cell A1 on the InputSheet sheet and use that for the table name when executing the request.

SELECT * FROM @@@InputSheet!A1

Writing Other Search Conditions

By default, the add-in reports a match if the Google Data Catalog column contains the cell value. For example if the referenced cell has the value 'bigquery-public-data', then the equivalent SQL predicate is:

LIKE '%bigquery-public-data%'

You can execute starts-with and ends-with searches by adding a '%' to the cell value:

InputSheet!A2 Cell Query Equivalent Predicate
'bigquery-public-data' SELECT * FROM Schemas WHERE ProjectId LIKE @InputSheet!A2 LIKE '%bigquery-public-data%'
'%bigquery-public-data' SELECT * FROM Schemas WHERE ProjectId LIKE @InputSheet!A2 LIKE '%bigquery-public-data'
'bigquery-public-data%' SELECT * FROM Schemas WHERE ProjectId LIKE @InputSheet!A2 LIKE 'bigquery-public-data%'

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Build 21.0.7930