Cmdlets for Google Data Catalog

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Invoke-GoogleDataCatalog Cmdlet

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Searches and updates Google Data Catalog data.


Invoke-GoogleDataCatalog [parameters]


The Invoke-GoogleDataCatalog cmdlet allows you to use SQL statements to execute any SQL statement directly. Below is the syntax for a parameterized query:

$query = Invoke-GoogleDataCatalog -Connection $connection -Query 'SELECT * FROM Schemas WHERE ProjectId=@ProjectId' -Params @{'@ProjectId'='bigquery-public-data'}
This cmdlet is also useful for executing stored procedures. Use the EXEC keyword to call a stored procedure:
$query = Invoke-GoogleDataCatalog -Connection $connection -Query 'EXEC SampleProcedure Id = @Id' -Params @{"7"}

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Build 21.0.7930