Power BI Connector for FinancialForce

Build 21.0.7930


Get data from FinancialForce using query batch. Only batches created with content type CSV can be queried with this stored procedure.


Name Type Description
Query String Bulk API query does not support the following SOQL: COUNT, ROLLUP, SUM, GROUP BY CUBE, OFFSET, Nested SOQL queries, Relationship fields. Also, Bulk API cannot access or query compound address or compound geolocation fields. Query parameter is required if job id and batch id are not specified. Columns name should be used instead of wildcard (*) because it is not supported.
JobId String The id of the job. If this parameter is specified, batch id should be specified too.
BatchId String The id of the batch. If this parameter is specified, job id should be specified too.
ChunkSize String FinancialForce recommends that you enable chunking when querying tables with more than 10 million records or when a bulk query consistently times out. If chunksize is specified the query, result will be splited into multiple batches. Set the value equal to 0 to disable spliting the result into chunks. The maximum size of the chunk cannot be more than 250000

The default value is 30000.

ConcurrencyMode String The concurrency mode for the job. The valid values are Parallel or Serial. Parallel: Process batches in parallel mode which is the default value. Serial: Process batches in serial mode. Processing in parallel can cause database contention. When this is severe, the job may fail. If you experience this issue, submit the job with serial concurrency mode. This guarantees that batches are processed one at a time. Note that using this option may significantly increase the processing time for a job.

The allowed values are Parallel, Serial.

The default value is Parallel.

SkipErrors String This boolean parameter indicates if the provider should skip failed batches and get results for completed batches.

The allowed values are true, false.

The default value is false.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
* String The Id of the batch.

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Build 21.0.7930