Power BI Connector for FinancialForce

Build 21.0.7930


Whether to use the synchronous SOAP API or the asynchronous Bulk API.






This property determines whether or not the asynchronous Bulk API is used for reads and writes to FinancialForce. For reads, the driver will automatically create bulk query jobs and start returning results as they are available. Note that queries using a JOIN or aggregation are not supported in the Bulk API and therefore the driver will fall back to using the SOAP API for these queries. Jobs are closed automatically once they are complete or if there is a failure.

For writes back to FinancialForce, up to 10000 records can be sent per batch. These requests will be processed asynchronously meaning the driver will not wait for FinancialForce to process the results fully. You can query the following table to get information about the jobs and batches that were created:


The ID values returned from this can be used with GetJob, GetBatch, and GetBatchResults to check the status of the job and batches.

Note that when this property is set to false, the default, you can still modify multiple records simultaneously: The 本製品 will perform batch processing through the Web Services API, which will synchronously return the status of your operations.

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Build 21.0.7930