ADO.NET Provider for FinancialForce

Build 21.0.7929


Uploads an attachment and associates it with an entity in FinancialForce.

Note: This procedure makes use of indexed parameters. These input parameters are denoted with a '#' character at the end of their names.

Indexed parameters facilitate providing multiple instances a single parameter as inputs for the procedure.

Suppose there is an input parameter named Param#. Input multiple instances of an indexed parameter like this:

EXEC ProcedureName Param#1 = "value1", Param#2 = "value2", Param#3 = "value3"


Name Type Description
ObjectId# String The Id of the object to associate the uploaded document with.
FullPath# String The full path to the document to upload. If Base64Data is not specified, this input is required. Either specify this or FullPath/FolderPath for a single object and not both.
Base64Data# String A string of data that will be used as the full contents of the file. This must be base-64 encoded. Required if FullPath is not specified.
FileName# String The name you would like to give the attachment. If none is specified, the file name specified in the FullPath will be used. Required if Base64Data is specified.
FolderPath# String Used to batch upload every file inside a specified folder. Either specify this or FullPath for a single object and not both.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Id String The Id of the uploaded attachment.

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Build 21.0.7929