ADO.NET Provider for FinancialForce

Build 21.0.7929


Creates a job, which represents a bulk operation (and associated data) that is sent to FinancialForce for asynchronous processing. Provide job data via an Upload Job Data request, or as part of a multipart create job request.


Name Type Description
ObjectName String Name of the object to be used for the job (i.e., Account, Campaign, Event, etc.)
Action String Type of action to use in the job. Valid values are 'insert', 'delete', 'update' or 'upsert'.
ExternalIdColumn String The external ID field in the object being updated. Only needed for upsert operations. Field values must also exist in CSV job data.
ColumnDelimiter String The column delimiter used for CSV job data. The default value is COMMA. Valid values are 'BACKQUOTE','CARET','COMMA', 'PIPE', 'SEMICOLON', 'TAB'.
LineEnding String The line ending used for CSV job data, marking the end of a data row. The default is LF. Valid values are 'LF' and 'CRLF'.
MultiPartRequest Boolean Enable this feature only when the total size of the CSV data does not exceed 20,000 characters. You must also specify the path of your CSV file.
CSVFilePath String Specifies the path of your CSV File.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
ID String The Id of the job created.
State String The state of the job. For example, 'Open', 'Closed', 'Aborted', or 'Failed'.
JobType String The type of the job. Values include: 'BigObjectIngest', 'Classic', 'V2Ingest'.
ContentUrl String The URL to use for 'Upload Job Data' requests for this job. Only valid if the job is in Open state.
ContentType String The format of the data being processed. Only CSV is supported.
CreatedDate String The date and time in the UTC time zone when the job was created.
CreatedById String The ID of the user who created the job.
ConcurrencyMode String The concurrency mode for the job. The valid values are: parallel and serial.
SystemModStamp String Date and time in the UTC time zone when the job finished.

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Build 21.0.7929