JDBC Driver for FinancialForce

Build 21.0.8137

Data Model

You can use the driver to work with all of the tables in your account. The driver connects to FinancialForce and gets the list of tables and the metadata for the tables by calling the appropriate web services. Any changes you make to your FinancialForce account, such as adding a new table, adding new columns, or changing the data type of a column, are immediately reflected when you connect using the driver.


The driver models the FinancialForce API as relational Tables. The table definitions are dynamically retrieved; here, we show the sample table definitions that are included in the FinancialForce.com development environment.

In addition to the tables, the driver also offers stored procedures and views, enabling you to work with other aspects of the FinancialForce API, like bulk jobs, custom reports, and so on.

Stored Procedures

Stored Procedures are function-like interfaces to FinancialForce. They can be used to search, update, and modify information in FinancialForce.


Views offer additional metadata information from FinancialForce.

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Build 21.0.8137