JDBC Driver for Azure Synapse

Build 22.0.8462


The scheme used for authentication. Accepted entries are Password, AzureAD, AzureMSI, AzurePassword.

Possible Values

Password, AzureAD, AzureServicePrincipal, AzureMSI, AzurePassword

Data Type


Default Value



Together with Password and User, this field is used to authenticate against the server. Password is the default option. Use the following options to select your authentication scheme:

  • Password: Set this to use your SQL Server Password.
  • AzureAD: Set this to use Azure Active Directory OAuth authentication.
  • AzureServicePrincipal: Set this to authenticate as an Azure Service Principal.
  • AzureMSI: Set this to use Azure Active Directory Managed Service Identity authentication.
  • AzurePassword: Set this to use Azure Active Directory Password authentication.

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Build 22.0.8462