CData Python Connector for Azure Data Lake Storage

Build 22.0.8462


Lists the contents of the supplied path.

Table Specific Information


This will return a list of all the files and directories in your system. By default, all subfolders are recursively scanned to list their children. You can configure the depth of subfolders you want to be recursively scanned with DirectoryRetrievalDepth property. All filters are executed client side within the provider.


Name Type Description
PathSuffix [KEY] String Name of the file/folder.
FullPath String Full path to the file/folder.
Owner String The owner identifier.
Group String The name of a group.
Length Long The size of the file.
Permission String Permissions set to the file/folder.
Replication Integer The number of replications of a file.
BlockSize Long The block size of a file.
ModificationTime Datetime The timestamp when the file/folder was modified for the last time.
AccessTime Datetime The access time of a file/directory.
Type String The type of the resource FILE/FOLDER

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Build 22.0.8462