CData Python Connector for Azure Data Lake Storage

Build 22.0.8462

Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are function-like interfaces that extend the functionality of the provider beyond simple SELECT operations with Azure Data Lake Storage.

Stored procedures accept a list of parameters, perform their intended function, and then return, if applicable, any relevant response data from Azure Data Lake Storage, along with an indication of whether the procedure succeeded or failed.

CData Python Connector for Azure Data Lake Storage Stored Procedures

Name Description
AppendToFile Create and Write to a File.
Concat Concatenate a group of files to another file.
DeleteFile Delete a file or a directory.
DownloadFile Open and read a file.
GetAdminConsentURL Gets the admin consent URL that must be opened separately by an admin of a given domain to grant access to your application. Only needed when using custom OAuth credentials.
GetContentSummary Get the content summary of a file/folder.
GetOAuthAccessToken Gets an authentication token from Azure DataLakeStorage.
GetOAuthAuthorizationURL Gets an authorization URL from the data source. The authorization URL can be used to generate a verifier required to obtain the OAuth token.
ListStatus Lists the contents of the supplied path.
MakeDirectory Create a directory in the specified path.
RefreshOAuthAccessToken Refreshes the OAuth access token used for authentication.
RenameFile Rename a file or a directory.
SetOwner Set owner and group of a path.
SetPermission Set permission of a path.
UploadFile Create and Write to a File.

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