ADO.NET Provider for Azure Data Lake Storage

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Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are available to complement the data available from the Data Model. It may be necessary to update data available from a view using a stored procedure because the data does not provide for direct, table-like, two-way updates. In these situations, the retrieval of the data is done using the appropriate view or table, while the update is done by calling a stored procedure. Stored procedures take a list of parameters and return back a dataset that contains the collection of tuples that constitute the response.

CData ADO.NET Provider for Azure Data Lake Storage Stored Procedures

Name Description
AppendToFile Create and Write to a File.
Concat Concatenate a group of files to another file.
DeleteFile Delete a file or a directory.
DownloadFile Open and read a file.
GetAdminConsentURL Gets the admin consent URL that must be opened separately by an admin of a given domain to grant access to your application. Only needed when using custom OAuth credentials.
GetContentSummary Get the content summary of a file/folder.
GetOAuthAccessToken Gets an authentication token from Azure DataLakeStore.
GetOAuthAuthorizationURL Gets an authorization URL from the data source. The authorization URL can be used to generate a verifier required to obtain the OAuth token.
ListStatus Lists the contents of the supplied path.
MakeDirectory Create a directory in the specified path.
RefreshOAuthAccessToken Refreshes the OAuth access token used for authentication.
RenameFile Rename a file or a directory.
SetOwner Set owner and group of a path.
SetPermission Set permission of a path.
UploadFile Create and Write to a File.

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Build 20.0.7654